I still remember the game Labyrinth: I used to play it in my childhood. There was a stainless steel ball that you needed to roll to the centre of the ring to win. Small openings were provided to allow movement from the outer rings to the inner rings, but moving into the centre was all about skill. As meaningless as it sounds, I would spend the whole day playing it over and over. My world was contained entirely within the Labyrinth; I would get so absorbed in it that I scarcely noticed my surroundings. It was fun to play a game with no obvious purpose, no end goal, other than to move the ball to the centre as quickly as possible. It took me a long time to figure out that it was not I who was running towards the centre; rather, it was the very centre of Labyrinth that was pulling me. My mind was not my own; it was the Labyrinth that had taken over.

I see the Labyrinth now as a metaphor for how I see the entire world itself: the centre of the Labyrinth represents Usury, while the innermost, inner, middle, outer, and outermost circles represent, paper money, banking, corporations, politics and religion. All these forces keep the SYSTEM obfuscated so that no one can make sense of the whole process. The stainless steel ball represents the unfortunate human who is forced to move back and forth in the hope of a better future. But in the end all his energy is being sucked up by Usury, which is at the very heart of the Labyrinth, and the system continues to keep us in the invisible prison that is being purposely built for us. The greatest tragedy that modern man can endure is to give his thinking up to the system and become a slave that only follows instructions.

This idea is so profound and powerful that it is inevitable that it will eventually find its way into mainstream ideology. It is my fervent hope that people realize that a huge tsunami is coming their way, and that they will incur terrible losses if they continue to live in the Labyrinth. In this book, I will discuss, in random order, ideas about how the system is rigged, including how it has enslaved the human soul and trapped the mind. I have chosen to tell the story through photographs, in order to make it more powerful, intense and thought-provoking. This situation calls for dire actions, and to understand the deception completely, and to make sense of the nature of its inherent fallacies, we need to connect the dots. We must pursue the right knowledge; what we have been taught in Universities only strengthens the same system, which is a dead end. A thinking mind, working alongside a heart, that is in search of the right knowledge is the greatest enemy of the system. Unless we understand the alternative, making sense of the SYSTEM is an impossible task for the modern mind.


"It is a branch of realistic fine-art photography that records unposed scenes in public places. The primary subject is people, at rest or in motion, alone or with others, going about the everyday activities of life. The emphasis is not on the subject’s personal identity, as in portraiture. And unlike photojournalism, there is no news here, rather, the commonplace."

Alex Webb, a master of the form, defines street photography as follows:

"I don’t define street photography as simply photographs taken in the street. I see street photography more as a stance that a photographer has towards the world. For me, street photography comes out of an essential sense of curiosity on the part of the photographer. It involves above all exploration and discovery. A street photographer goes out into the world as much as possible with a blank mind, with as few preconceptions as possible. It is above all a journey of discovery."

For me street photography has been a revelation; it has inspired me to connect with people on the streets and given me an opportunity to understand myself better. I have the blessing and luxury of connecting with people's souls and touching their emotional selves. I can feel my subjects and every photograph that I take has become an experience for me. I am less aware of my camera settings; getting lost in the technical details is an obstacle to my creative process. My photographs are about how I live to document the street. Camera features are secondary tools that would only concern me if I were to become consciously aware of the camera settings.

I try to keep my pictures as organic and natural as possible without interrupting the subject.I don’t subscribe to the idea of invading people’s space and flashing a camera on their faces. Observing my subject from a moral distance and and keeping to it has given me a style that amalgamates different layers of meaning into a single photograph in order to tell a bigger story. I think photography is a simple process. All you need to do is click the shutter and give yourself the gift of time. This allows you to explore all other faculties of photography with time. Most people involve themselves early on in so many unnecessary details in photography that a newbie often gives up, thinking it is too difficult to learn. In the end it is the purpose, the underlying thought process that will drive your photography and influence the viewer. Your passion and commitment will take you through different layers in photography, and then one day, you will realize that a creative process is something beyond what the five senses can see and understand.

If you are serious about photography, you need to be serious about learning. There are a lot of online resources available and you can make use of them in your time. You just need to keep on clicking and learn along the way by investing your time and money into becoming a good storyteller. And if you get an opportunity to learn from the Masters, it’s time to walk the walk and follow their path. Photography is an identity that will add more to your image, and when you start to experience that change in valuing yourself, you will get more attention and credibility from being a photographer. When you understand the power of a photograph than you will fall in love with your own photography.


USURY, also known as RIBA, is the new religion that has taken over our lives, a SYSTEM based on deceit and lies; it is a matrix that no one can escape. In the very core of the system lies usury, which has shaped the politics of disparity, inequality, and poverty. It is a curse that has destroyed the very foundation of human society, and we are already witnessing its devastating consequences. Long before the banking industry and the creation of paper money, usury was the tool that enslaved the human population for thousands of years. In these modern times, it has disguised itself in a sophisticated deception involving the creation of credit, a legitimate form of extortion that is protected by the banks and the legal system. In the meantime, all the other pillars of the system, such as democracy, religion, education and media, work together to depict this parasitical capitalist system as a natural course of human progress and development. Yet human civilization has never seen such disparity and economic injustice, where so few control the resources of so many.

To understand the system, you must understand usury to be its basic instrument of exploitation. Without focusing on usury, it is impossible to make sense of what has gone wrong with the world. The reason our scholars have failed to understand the world around us is because they have never recognized the reality of usury. When we go back in history, we see that JESUS (peace be upon him) aggressively drove out the moneychangers (bankers) from the Church. In Islam, Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him) declared war against usury and considered it the biggest sin after polytheism. The Bible clearly forbids it as well. There must be a reason for this, and this what give us food for thought. If we claim to be a true believer than it is time to understand the meaning of usury.

We have been led to an economic colonization by unjust imperialist forces, and our ignorance has strengthened the same system that has created the chaos. For example, it would be reasonable to assume that paper money is wrong, because with it the banks have created another form of usury, since the banks are responsible for their own paper money—they create it out of thin air. It’s the very system that is driven by greed and monopolization, usury manifests in today’s world as an evil that has caged humankind and enslaved it to the system. This is modern slavery, to be born in debt and die in debt, making it impossible to own anything, even after a lifetime of toil and hard labour. This is a question of Freedom: humankind deserves the freedom to choose the SYSTEM, rather than to be subjugated to the system by force. Humankind has lost its compassion and mercy and has chosen greed and money. By using false justice, a farce of equality and the deception of the info-wars, this system defies every moral value and every moral virtue, reducing mankind into mechanical clerks who simply bring in profits. This system defies the divine laws of justice, having been bred in its absence, and it is the embodiment of self-destruction. It is only a matter of time, the big collapse of a big lie.


The monkey knows it, and we do not know. TO UNDERSTAND THE WORLD AROUND US AND HOW THE SYSTEM HAS ENSLAVED US, WE MUST UNDERSTAND ‘MONEY’. The currency that we have is a theft of our promissory obligations of our hard earned labour to each other by the banks. Money is created, when we promise an obligation to each other by bringing an equal amount of goods or services at risk with mutual consent. We are free to choose whatever medium we consider exchanging as a token to guarantee the value of our labour and debt we have to each other. The token is merely an evidence of our entitlements from the pool of wealth and it has to be a FREE choice of the people to choose their medium of exchange with FREEDOM (not dictated by the banks or governments). The first people to use tokens of exchange were the ancient Mesopotamians who used clay as their medium of exchange. It served just fine until the moneychangers (banksters) took over. This was the beginning of the modern day slavery. Today's currency you have in your pockets is a THEFT of your promissory obligations and hence your hard earned labour by the banks when it risked NOTHING of value in return. Money is created as falsified debt with unwarranted interest to be paid on it. The system is designed in such a way that the falsified debt will always overlap the principle amount in circulation. With the compounding interest, the debt will grow exponentially huge that it would be mathematically impossible to pay down. There will always be a scarcity of money in the system because ever more PER UNIT of currency goes towards servicing prior sums of falsified debt and usury. Falsified national debt is only ever meant to be service and never paid down. The SYSTEM ENSURES that someone somewhere ALWAYS losses resulting in the loss of homes, farms and business to the zombie banks.

In such a system either we pay off the debt or default on it, which means there will be depression of unthinkable magnitude, economic chaos and social unrest because the circulation is being continuously depleted through USURY, the system NEEDS to be artificially sustained. One way to do this is by WARS. When a “government" goes to war it fraudulently “borrows” billions more to re-inflate the circulation so the theft can go on for longer increasing the national “debt” by ever more and deepening the spiral of depression to come. The usurious structure means to pay off the falsified debt to the banks; the economy has to grow all the time. Even the growth will only serve the top 1% of the population who owns the majority of resources. The government has to pay interest on the purported loans it borrow from the banks by putting more taxes on the people and stealing the wealth and resources of other countries by waging unjust wars to pay off the usury. This is why the West has always been in conflict with other countries because to pay down its falsified debt and to take control of other countries central bank so it can control their currency also. This is what is happening in Syria as we speak. It needs to pay off its debt, rather than civilize a general population. Money is freedom, and if we do not have the freedom to choose our money for the trade, then it is the greatest slavery of all. There are lies and deceptions all around us and what we see in Greece is just the tip of the iceberg, what is coming our way is even unthinkable.

BANKS are the direct beneficiaries of this SYSTEM. A “JUST” government should serve its people and prevent this theft of our promissory obligations from EVER taking place, but DO they? OF COURSE THEY DON’T!! Politicians and courts are complicit in the crimes of banking so we can never look upon our elected leaders for the guidance or expect them to help us. On the name of Democracy all they end up doing is to serve the Banks as honestly possible. Their loyalties are with the system, and the people had to live the illusion that they voted for a CHANGE as if the election is meant to bring something good for them. We are in a terminal phase of this system and that is why many countries have been desperately trying to lower interests rates, as in USA and UK, because the serviceability of the falsified debt is becoming impossible to entertain due to interest (Usury/Riba). This is a desperate measure to slow down the ‘THEFT’ that is being orchestrated by the banks. Now they have nowhere to turn, they can’t lower interest rates any further, and the circulation of money is being depleted quicker than any re-inflation. It is just a matter of time - when under the debt of its own medicine the SYSTEM collapses. If we are to save our children from INEVITABLE suffering, we need to take the currency back to where it belongs, in our hands. We must understand the nature of money to understand the sickness in the world today. Money is a deception in this modern age and as long as this deception is in place, the system will work. And then WE wonder why the world has gone mad. It is the USURIOUS monetary system that has corrupted and enslaved the people. It is our incapacity to think critically. It is we who have not been clear about the reality that has ruined our ability to pitch an alternate system. We will FOREVER remain enslaved by the system unless we took back the ownership of issuing money from the devil’s hand and restored it to the rightful owner - the people who create every penny in the economy. The Labyrinth is obvious, and it is time to find our way out. The monkey knows it, and we do not know.


If these people actually realized the truth about how the banks work, instead of singing joyfully, they would have been protesting and starting a revolution against them, the most sinful places on Earth. Banks have given an umbrella to the usurious SYSTEM, which has crushed our souls, trapped our minds and enslaved the planet. The banks purport to make loans by making the borrow believe they are getting someone else deposit in exchange for the risk the bank charge interest. Banks have never loaned anything to anyone, banks merely publish a man or woman’s promissory note, or promise to pay, it is this monetised promissory note that creates the credit in the purported borrower’s account. In other words, the purported borrow is the creator of money and is obliged to pay it back at an agreed point in the future. However, banks obfuscate the transaction and launder the promissory note into their possession, that is, they keep the Principal repayments and charge unwarranted interest. Contrary to what we’re taught in schools, the banks give up nothing of commensurable consideration when making a purported loan, the interest they charge is wholly unwarranted. This is the greatest heist in the history of mankind

In fact, they do not contribute or risk anything of value to the economy when they pretend to loan money. They prey on the hard work and labour of the people who by immense indoctrination think that it is the banks who create money. We have a functional economy because of the banks otherwise the economy could not have existed. The fact is, it is the people who give value to the money through their hard work, production, blood, sweat and tears. The banks then steal what the money represents, the value of our hard earned labour and promissory obligations through falsified debt and usury. The reason we must work 9 to 5 is to live the lie that the banks have created the money. The bank is the vulture disguising in gentlemen clothes.We are nothing but the banker’s slaves, who have loaned their minds to the devil. As long as we live by the bank’s code, we will continue to live in the Labyrinth being brainwashed and enslaved by the system.

The truth is we don’t own debt to the banks, in fact, they had nothing to give us in the first place. It is a deception and a lie that we own debt to the banks. Through falsified debt (theft of principle), usury and perpetual compounding of interest on falsified debt, they not only control people but the world economies by the central banking cartel. They control the money supply, and this is how they twist economies and financial markets to their advantage. With the power to charge unwarranted interest and theft of principle, they can buy any politician or economy to further their agenda even if the governments had to wage wars for it. Unless the world realises that they are not indebted to the banks and it is merely an illusion and a lie that we own the banks; these invisible Satanic forces will continue to prey on us and suck the last remaining drop of our blood. Freedom can only win when we disarm this usurious system and replace it with the way of Muamalat. Imagine the world where peace, harmony and just economic order prevails. Imagine the world without banks!

THE BANKSTER's CODE - the enslaved minds

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According to the latest research, a typical University student pays up to 50,000£ in debt. Some may even not able to pay it back in their lifetime, others remain in this debt into their fifties. These students mugging at their graduation ceremony have no idea that they have been given an illusion of freedom on the path to slavery. For the rest of their lives, worries about their debt will always linger with them. They will indulge in a lifestyle that will push them to acquire more debt, a debt that they will carry to their graves. They have no idea that they have given up their freedom and to survive they must compete, even if they had to cut the last tree in the forest. They already lost the creative mind to the indoctrination system, which could have help them to understand the deception around them. The reason they will be forever enslaved under the burden of perpetual falsified debt is USURY but their driving inspiration is to find ways of serving the system to serve it better in the hopes of climbing a few ladders to an easy life. They are devoid of any capacity to question critically the way the system works; they will live their lives with no or little understanding of how this usurious system is sucking every drop of their blood. In the shadow of a lost dream, they will live a blatant illusion of life.

Those students who receive scholarships are indoctrinated enough to go back to their countries and defend the system that has cursed all of mankind. To them, their culture, moral code and religion have become forbidden fruit. They will look at the problems through the lens that the system has fitted to their brains, and they will end up only whining. They have no idea that they are being programmed to follow the instructions that are engraved on their minds. They are expected to come with an original thought and give a solution to the present day problems. But the system has to invest in them, whether through education, media or any other source to divert their attention from the system and focus them on the symptoms and not the cause. So no one can question how everything holds together, nor how everyone on the planet is being enslaved by the usurious system. They could never make their head around on the fact that the system they envision a saviour to humanity is the very reason the human race is collapsing. Lost in the Labyrinth, these learned minds represent the colossal failure of the modern day education system.

The point of this photograph is to show how the SYSTEM is being used here. This is a three-dimensional photograph perfectly demonstrating how the system has become part of our lives. The photographer represents the system, which has drawn potential students into a LABYRINTH (the camera), where they will remain enslaved. They exist in a fake virtual reality, an invisible prison purposely built for them. They will be processed and developed by the system to its advantage. They only see what the system lets them believe. They have become the property of the system. When they are ready, they will join the labor force to become part of a brainwashed society, making them no more than “sheeple,” built to serve the system, and the cycle continues. The system’s survival is dependent on how well it is being served. And these mechanically altered minds, with their impressive qualifications, may not be able to make sense, throughout their lives, that they lived by the bankster’s code. They have no option but to live in their fake constructed reality otherwise truth will destroy them.


To understand the SYSTEM is the responsibility of our religious and intellectual scholarship. However, they have always been busy arguing on peanuts, whereas the modern liberal mindset is too impressed from the western schools to have given a reasonable thought, how the system works. There has never been a counter strategy to address modern-day challenges. The education syllabus lacks any focus on the shortcomings of the system, thus ensuring the system keeps us enslaved. Those who lead us are nothing but puppets, who do not speak the language of people but their masters. Why has poverty become our destiny? Have the people stopped working in Pakistan? What has made the people live such a low standard of life? Those within the system will blame the shortcomings in the people while those who look at the system through the veil of indoctrination KNOW - that it is the very system that is the problem. It is the usurious structure and tyrannical nature of the system that trap the third world countries in a perpetual falsified debt, getting purported “loans" through governments. In the process, the purported borrower gives many times more than the principal amount initially “ loaned" over a period of time. This is the greatest wealth transfer ever happened in the history of mankind, and still we wonder, why the world has gone mad!

But wait did I tell you, that the “loaned" money in the name of the poor people of Pakistan never existed in the first place. This has always been the moneychangers and the governments who prey on the hard work of people. It is the people who create the real economic activity and thus the original creator of the money in an economy. The tyranny is, the power to issue money has been taken away from the people, and they had to go through the governments and megabanks to use their bogus pieces of paper as legal tender. Do you realize that the cost to the Banks is just a few pieces of papers and ink! Then they not only claim the principle amount but interest as well. Only principle is ever issued into circulation so HOW do we pay interest? Which is never created in the first place. Mathematically Perfected Economy shows us that an interest-bearing monetary system inherently and IRREVERSIBLY multiplies debt in proportion to a circulation. Thus ever more of the circulation is inherently dedicated to servicing debt versus sustaining the commerce which is obliged to service the debt; and so an interest-bearing monetary system ultimately collapses at a maximum practical lifespan, under a TERMINAL sum of debt. The fact is they prey on the hard work and labour of the people by obfuscating money giving the illusion that they (World Bank, IMF or Gov) are funding the economic activity. The plan is not only to control the people but to steal the resources of the people through the system that was meant to rip off mankind. I hope, people start to think and question the grave nature of injustice around us. Once you realized that it was ALL falsified debt and that WE THE PEOPLE create EVERY penny in existence when we issue the promissory obligation than you can understand the real nature of this deception. The people that want to bring change through the political process without understanding that the political class is driven by the same forces of usury and their slogan of change is nothing but a lie.

When the poor people of the rich countries like Pakistan (we own the real resources) unable to keep with the falsified debt payments, then the government (part of the same system) borrow more money, why? Because to pay off the compounding interest which was never issued above principle in the first place - so it is mathematically impossible to pay down the national debt. Now the government has to sell and privatised the national resources, so they can keep up with debt payments - which is still not possible and the cycle of tyranny continues till we gave every inch of our ownership to these few greedy banks. The poor people are then subjected to more austerity by imposing taxes and raising prices of general consumable goods and services. We blame the government for the taxes and austerity measures, but it is the usurious nature of the system that brings the tyranny on the people. The colossal fraud and tyranny of this system do not end here. They have the unfair advantage of claiming ownership of every “legal tender” on the planet and hence CLAIMING ownership of every “debt” on the planet also when they have LAWFUL right to NONE OF IT for they give no commensurable consideration when they supposedly “lend” money into existence. It is the tyrannical nature of this unjust system that has made them the masters, and we remain slaves, not because they are more intelligent or more hardworking but because they own the system. If we are lazy for ourselves, at least we must think for our children what kind of world we supposedly want to give them. We must suffer and in our miseries we shall realize that to escape the Labyrinth, we must understand the obfuscation of the currency. ONLY then we will understand the SYSTEM.


It all begins with having a dream: a dream to fit in the system, without it, you cannot be enslaved and brainwashed. One may have a luxurious lifestyle depending on how well he/she is mechanically fit to run the system. In reality, I feel sorry for those friends of mine who want to bring CHANGE with their enlightened minds but have become slaves to debt. In a system in which they were born as debt-slaves and will die as debt-slaves, they have been given no choice but to serve the same system. Their being enslaved in a perpetual cycle of debt voids them of any critical thought and keeps them clueless to any modern day challenge. I used to wonder why there wasn’t more alternative thinking in the most elite channels of education. However, with time I realized that, these channels are part of the same SYSTEM and their survival is dependent on that very system, which funds them, to sustain themselves. Their only job has been to produce human-like robotic iterations, clueless, brainwashed, with no minds of their own, to keep the system going.