All about me

I am an IT Consultant by profession, a storyteller at heart, and a social observer by nature. I have worked on the world’s largest Oracle Application Ebusiness suite implementation project, and for other high profile organizations. I realized that all I knew was a machine language, that has no real connection with life, and I was lacking the language that would connect me with people and life itself. In a journey to explore this dimension of life, I realized that we have been brainwashed to believe that everything exists inside the five senses, and we are not prepared to challenge the SYSTEM to explore possibilities beyond it’s manual. We are spiritual beings, and our body is just like a lens through which we experience this world.

My photography is a living document of human species, which has adjusted her to the limited capacity defined for her rather than challenging the system. An artist is not born until he can see through the system and understand its complexities. Having a camera doesn't mean that you are up to the challenge when the same tool has been used to brainwash you in the first place. It's not about recording moments only, but freezing the emotional essence of human species to its maximum capacity. Photography is just a way of expressing how I see the world.

Photography is a charity if done to value the people around. I feel valuable if I can make you smile. We are total consciousness, a spiritual being and infinite love is the only identity shared among ourselves. A photographer needs to focus his/her camera properly, which is a key element of a good photograph, but it is even better when we open our hearts to true light and wisdom, to experience the world through it. This is the only way we would be blessed with the knowledge, to stand against the system, and our photography in its purest form has a purpose to fulfil. It will be indeed unfortunate to live in this fake reality and never question the doubts that have occupied us.